Minor Flood Bulletin No 01 Tweed River at Tumbulgum

Below is the current SES Flood Bulletin. Please be advised that the Uki Tweed River gauge is not correct at present. Low laying areas are at risk of being flooded, as well as potential localised flash flooding. NSW-SES-Minor-Flood-Bulletin-01-Tweed-River-at-Tumbulgumn.pdf

Severe weather warning

Heavy and intense rain is heading our way SUNDAY 23 October, with the chance of localised flooding, as well as an increased danger for landslips.Best to avoid any driving. Use extra caution if you have to – watch out for strong run-off, debris and fallen branches ! Be aware that roads are flood effected and […]


Heavy rain predicted with potential flooding and especially flash flooding. Localised heavy rainfall is forecast over the next few days. With the land being already saturated it is to be expected for roads to become impassable and likely in a short matter of time. Please pay extra caution when travelling and prepare your home for […]

After the Rain

Waters have mostly receded and there are NO dangerously raised Water Levels currently. Please be aware that there may still be areas under water and roads damaged and impassable. Debris like rocks, fallen trees or branches can be on the road, as well as excess run-off may affect your travel. Drive with extra caution. DO […]


  The information given by the Uki Flood Group should only assist you in your decision-making and shall not substitute common sense and self-care. Weather and water levels can be unpredictable and change fairly quickly. If in doubt – stay on the safe side !


The Uki water reservoir has been flooded with river water. It has to be drained – 700 000 litres of it – so they can replace it with clean water. Tweed Shire Council are draining it now. This will take overnight. DON’T DRINK THE TOWN WATER ! If you absolutely must drink it – boil […]


  To assist in improving our Community Resilience, please give some feedback through the Input Form. CLICK HERE to get to the Input Form post Flood 2017


The Uki Flood Group’s intention is to support and assist Uki residents, especially ones who find themselves in a vulnerable situation in the case of emergency like a flood. Our aim is to provide a sustainable network to create a helpline for those in need and to assist organisations like SES, RFS in their actions […]


CALL 000 FOR LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES. FOR EMERGENCY HELP IN FLOODS AND STORMS CALL THE SES NSW ON 132 500 Take a Deep Breath. Stay Calm. Step 1 ASSESS the situation. Click here for the current Uki Flood Situation. Is your next door neighbour able to help ? Does you next door neighbour need help […]