The below information is ‘on-the-ground’ measures taken by locals and should be seen as a guide only. It is up to you to ensure your own safety, if you decide to travel or not.Use extra caution when traveling during times of Flood and Storm.STAY DRY – STAY SAFE. TWEED RIVER HEIGHT IN UKI * IMPACTED […]

Wet Weather Warning

Wet weather is heading our way, with the chance of localised flooding, as well as an increased danger for landslips. Our roads are already impacted by the past rainfalls. Please consider if travel is necessary and use extra cautious when traveling. Debris like rocks, fallen trees or branches can be on the road, as well […]


CALL 000 FOR LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCIES. FOR EMERGENCY HELP IN FLOODS AND STORMS CALL THE SES NSW ON 132 500 Click here to see what impact rising river levels have on your travel plans. You can navigate through the Bureau of Meteorology’s website on this page or click on the title of the charts to go […]